XXII. 2 Jobs (said like 2 Chainz)

First, before I dive in to my news, I just have to address the featured picture. I didn’t have any photogs that would visually capture the essence of this post so I panicked and put a picture of my cat laying on my backpack as the picture…..#futurecatlady ?

Two posts ago I was recently graduated, moved back home with my mumma, and unemployed. I said that I would let you know if that status changed.


YA GIRL’S FINALLY EMPLOYED!!!!! (still recently graduated and living with mumma).

After three months of job hunting, writing cover letters, sending emails, and doing interviews, I can now say that I hold the titles of:

Communications coordinator at Spirit of Joy Lutheran Church

This job is brand-spanking-new. As in I am the first person for the job. With this job I, and a team that I will assemble, will be managing the internal and external communications of the church. This will include managing the website, overseeing all social media platforms, develop branding standards, etc. I’m excited to see what projects and events that I’ll get to be involved with! Through this job, I’ll get to use my video and photography skills to help spread God’s message and His love, which is wonderfullllllll!

Everyone here is so nice and welcoming. On the first day, there was a card and vase full of flowers on my desk (yes, I have a cute like office space that I share with another staff member).


Straight after I work the church, I head downtown and work as a…

Production Assistant at Keloland News

This is very similar to the internship I did with KSFY (are they my sworn enemy now???). I edit video clips that are used as visuals for the newscasts. But I also have to teleprompt…..which is kind of scary. I’ll eventually get used to it, but for now the machine/dial thing is my sworn enemy!

Tonight (9.21.17) was my first night by myself (the past three days I was training with another PA) and boy, right from the beginning, it was interesting. But! I made it out alive, barely, but still alive.

Aud: ¾   teleprompter: ¼

Going from nothing to full speed ahead is definitely tiring, but I WILL PREVAIL!!!!


UPDATE (10.10.17): this post was written like 15 years ago and I’ve just been lazy and haven’t posted it yet. But since I’ve written this post, it will be almost 1 month since I’ve started both jobs.

I’m doing some creative stuff at the church

*insert happy dance here*

I just finished creating a video highlighting the church’s new preschool and am currently working on some branding stuffs!

At Kelo, I think it’s safe to say that I HAVE CONQUERED THE TELEPROMPTER! I’m a whiz at it now (ok, I may be over exaggerating a bit). But get this, on my second day working by myself I had to start training a new PA! Crazy, right?


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