XXI. Aud_photogs

In my last post I said that I would let you know when I get a job. Well…I’m still unemployed (womp womp). But the interviews are starting to come in, so that’s good!

Plus, this post isn’t intended to be a life update.

I have started to take photography more seriously and wanted to show you all some of my favorites that I have taken within the past year or so! These are all little snippets from photog shoots or just everyday random shots that I took.


Embasan (v).

petals on the floormurkyflowr grrlhair.jpg

The second picture was actually used for my college’s student led literature magazine! So my first published work!


STL boi

M bridge 1m feetM bridge 2


AUS/NZ landscapes

nz pathbunker2IMG_3152windows b&w



black inkIMG_2044tv glitch


Random shots

IMG_1625IMG_2771pink sky-Recoveredstation_prism_3


Portrait practice

l_green walll_leaves bokehl_rockssyd_metal copysyd_basic editsyd_stairs sit copy


If you like what you see, feel free to hit me up for a session!

I’m in the beginning stages of starting my own video + photo business! How exciting! Let the dream live on!

Ak photo & film black bkgd.png


Peace out girl scouts!


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