XIX. San Francisco isn’t real, it’s a conspiracy theory.

Yup. You read right. Dub City isn’t real. It’s not actually a city, just a figment of our imagination.  It’s all a lie*.

My spring break just started and I decided that it would be a grand time to go out and visit one of my sisters** Hope, whom I haven’t seen in 3 years. So I hopped on a plane and spent the weekend out in the bay area.

*Hit em with the highlight reel*


  • I take a plane from SF (Sioux Falls) to Denver, then Denver to San Francisco. The catch, both flights ended up being delayed over an hour so I spent about a good 2 hours in the FSD airport doing exactly nothing…
  • I am finally reunited with my Hopey!



  • The first thing we do is of course go to the original Boudin bakery location (They’re famous for their sourdough bread. This is the bread that B-Ritz and I bought as souvenirs at Disneyland in the summer….)
    • I bought a loaf and ate it sporadically throughout the day. Gotta love those carbs!
  • We saw the wonderful Golden Gate Bridge…twice (this is where the lies begin).
    • My trusty tour guide guided us on the wrong bus out, so we ended up going back to the bridge for us to get on the right bus.
  • Fisherman’s Warf was pretty neat.
    • We went to the Ghirardelli chocolate factory
    • I had In-N-Out for the first time
    • We trekked awhile to these snazzy piano stairs that Hope was raving about

I felt pretty basic.

  • Chinatown!
    • Of course we could not not go…
    • We got in touch with our Asian-ness
    • We visited the factory where the very first fortune cookie was made
    • I bought some delicious butterfly cookies
  • Japantown
    • I should’ve kept tally on how many times I said “I can’t” (it was too many times). Literally I wanted everything there.
    • I bought these ice cream balls infused with dry ice called Dragon’s Breath. Trust me, it’s harder than it looks to look cool eating those things while trying to get the dry ice to come out of your nose and mouth….
    • We literally stared at theses cute bento boxes outside of a store because the store owner was away for a fe minutes. We were probably there for a good 10 minutes when we decided that we looked creepy and went to this amazing bookstore.
      • Which by the way I did buy a bento box. It’s in the shape of a lucky cat. The store owner and I literally had a bowing match. Once he said “arigato” we literally exchanged bows until I was out of the store. What a cute old man!
    • Yes, said bookstore. Much books, many “I can’ts.”
    • Asian grocery stores are pretty cool.
  • Shabu shabu (Japanese hot pot)
    • We went to Hope’s boyfriend’s place where I met some of their friend, who are pretty cool.
    • We had shabu shabu literally there was a moment where all 5 of us were about to fall asleep because our tummies were so full and satisfied. 12/10 would recommend.
    • Met some cute doggos (Ralph and Moose, but I took initiative and renamed them doggo no. 1 and doggo no. 2)



  • We saw the cool painted ladies houses

When you realize that the Full House house is on a different street.

  • We walked down Haight Street. This is where the hippy movement was groovin
    • Of course we had to stop into Amoeba Records
    • We went to the bathroom in a Whole Foods; that was pretty cool I guess…?
    • We stopped in a very cool arcade where there were a bajillion (I kid you not) pinball machines. I tried my hand at the Lord of the Rings one and some Gopher one. I did aight.
  • We were going to eat at this Thai restaurant off of Haight street, but it’s only open for dinner…. ( I should’ve tallied all of the lies that Hope fed me this weekend)
    • Not to fret, I did get to eat my chicken pad thai somewhere else and it was delicious.
  • Hope took me to see two separate tiled stairs. Those were cool to see, not to take up and down….

These are the titled steps, right?


Jk, these are 1/2 of the steps.

  • We had dinner at The Progress with Hope’s boyfriend, his friend Scott’s girlfriend and fam. It was fancy, I mean the bathroom walls were covered in pink glitter…
    • I tried fancy food like oyster and octopus. I was reminded just how much of a picky eater I am…
  • We ended the night with good old Mulan II (I swear I wasn’t crying at the bridge scene, you were crying…)


  • We ate brekky on Haight street
    • We both had the berrylicious crepe (It was berry licious… see what I did there!)

      Just like Britta, Hope knows right when to take the best photos of me..

      • I jumped back on some planes back home. Womp Womp.


Many mems (and lies) were made. It was wonderful to see Hope and can’t wait to see her again, maybe in my SF! ❤

Processed with VSCO with nc preset




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