XVIII. I didn’t meet Chance the Rapper in Chi-town

Ok, J-term was great and all but guess what, AFTER 7 MONTHS I GOT TO SEE MADDIE (my Hero™ ). It was amazing. We met up in Chicago and my friend from high school, Nichole, graciously let us crash at her place.

Hit ‘em with the highlight reel!

  • Friday (I landed in the Windy city)
    • After a bit of confusion, I navigated my way through the O’Hare airport to be greeted by Mads holding a red panda “sign”
    • It took about 15-20 minutes to find the parking lot where she parked her car
    • We sat in said car looking up possible Chinese restaurants to eat at for a good 15 minutes, then finally ended up deciding on Panda Express…womp womp
    • We literally parked on a highway because Mads forgot that her wallet and bag of coins were in her glove compartment (we were coming to a toll) and that it was locked…. So obviously she had to turn off her car to use her keys to open the glove compartment
    • We also stopped in the middle of an intersection because we were in the wrong lane and needed to turn left. Mads was deciding what to do; I finally told her to just go straight and that we could turn around
    • We arrive at said Panda Express only to walk in, then decide that we were going to eat at the Culvers next door.
  • Saturday
      • I had a butterfinger pocket. It was yum.
    • Since it was the start of the Chinese New Year/Lunar New Year, we decided to go to Chinatown, only to be disappointed of the lack of décor (apparently they are celebrating next week).
      • We had a delicious meal at Joy Yee
    • Now the real reason why Mads and I met up, TWENTY ONE PILOTS CONCERT HOO-RAH!
      • Oh boy, it was magical. We danced, we sang, we were surprised.



  • Sunday
    • I was awaken by a text from Nichole (she was at work). She forgot some cookies in her freezer and asked if we could deliver them to the church. So in our jammies, Mads and I drove to the church with 3 bags of cookies. According to CHole, we were the MVPS….
      • On the way back to her apartment, Mads was flipping through the radio station and Africa by Toto was playing. We jammed out.
    • We explored the Museum of Contemporary Art
    • Mads had never had deep-dish pizza, and obviously since we were in Chi-town, she had to try it out (and no, I didn’t have any; I had buttered noodles and chicken).
      • There was a very awkward exchange, trying to figure out what appetizer we should get, but it’s all good!
    • And of course, we had to go to Millennium Park to see the Bean

Am I doing this Leaning Tower of Pisa thing right?

    • Shakeshack shakes for the win!
    • Once we got back to niCHole’s apartment, we watched some Community and then ended up taking a billion pictures
    • We closed the fun-filled weekend with some card playing and watched The Emperor’s New Groove

Side-note: We were going to eat at The Max, a pop-up restaurant paying homage to The Max from Saved by the Bell, but it was crazy expensive to eat there (curse you service fee and 10% tax)!

It was such a fun weekend and I’m so glad that I got to see Mads and Nichole. And it was a wonderful ending to my J-term before my last semester at GAC. Hopefully I’ll be able to see each of them again, soon!




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