XVII. Keeping Up With The Ramers

What do woodworking, a dog named Sullivan, and Elmo all have in common? That’s practically what my January consisted of. As you know from my previous post, I was tackling two internships—Woodworker’s Journal/Rockler and Freestyle Productions—and now J-term has come to an end. Both internships were great experiences and I was able to do many different things:

  • Woodworker’s Journal/Rockler
    • Take videos off of Youtube and upload them to Vimeo, then embed the correct coding into the corresponding webpage
    • Re-edit past videos
    • Help assist in multiple video shoots
    • Edit 2 “Make and Take” videos
    • Edit a Murphy bed video
    • Start sorting through and creating a rough draft of a steam bending video
    • Paint 7 large panels and 2 walls
    • Create sandbags
  • Freestyle Productions
    • Edit a short video on this year’s MN state fair for practice
    • Create a Powerpoint for someone who was being inducted into the MN State Fair Hall of Fame (and yes, I’m not making that up, there actually is a state fair HOF)
    • Edit a short video for the 2016 ILEA conference
    • Pet Sullivan the dog

In-between all of that fun, every night I had my two hours of Hunter time. This mostly consisted of reading the same books over again, flipping wooden pancakes, and watching the joys of young parenting. Erica and John joked that I wasn’t really living with them for my two internships, but to do research on young parents. I have witnessed Hunter’s first discipline, the struggles of trying to get him to eat (followed by Erica Googling “how to get your child to eat”), Erica and John rapping the “Fresh Prince of Bel-Air” theme song while giving Hunter his dinner, etc. I also have several of Hunter’s books memorized (I’m looking at you “Bubbles, Bubbles” and “Let’s go Potty, Elmo”) and now I know the true way to pronounce my name: Ah-la.


This fedora makes me -20% cooler and the backwards firefighter helmet makes him 100% cooler.

Side-note: this month has been the most times I have ever, and will ever wear a fedora….

It was a great January, but it had an ever greater ending…..which you’ll have to read about in my next blog post!

Ah-la out.


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