XVI. True life: I’m a senior in college

*Can I just point out that Britta takes the most flattering and accurate pictures of me….I know, I do it to myself. She probably has a whole file of pictures of me that she can use as blackmail. Exhibit A: this wonderful cover picture.*

Last time I wrote a blog post it was for a class assignment and grade…(boo). But alas, I am here to once again inform you about my life. My first semester of senior year is complete. Done-zo. Let’s take a moment and reflect on the past three months and walk down memory lane, shall we?

Fall semester was full of :

  • Laughter
    • Trust me, I laugh at the stupidest things. Ask Britta or Noah. I literally laughed for a good 10 minutes over something that happened sophomore year until my stomach hurt. Both Noah and B-Ritz were not amused.
      • Laughing is good. Do it often.

Visual representation of the two people who make me laugh the most.


Clearly we have a love-love relationship.


Noah and I are soooooo photogenic. Can’t you tell?

  • Stress (this included many cry breaks)
    • This semester I took the hardest class of my life, ever: Media, Culture, Power. I thought was going to be the death of me, but somehow I survived.
      • I blame it on all of the cultural theories I had to know. I mean who has heard of Althusserian theory before? No one.
  • Dance
    • I was fortunate to be cast in Shared Space this fall. I was able to continue my love for dance through this student-led showing. The piece that I was in, dealt with anxiety. (My mom pointed out that the previous year I danced in a piece that was about grief and the year before that mental illness. No happy pieces…). Sadly, it was my very last time performing. But….this leads to my next bullet point!
  • New friends
    • I’ve met so many rad people that willingly befriended me. I became uber close to the people in my dance group and miss seeing their faces twice a week (although I’m sure they don’t miss my hoodrat shenanigans during practice). Through them I met more cool people who also willingly decided to befriend me! The power of networking!

I feel sorry for these people who had to put up with me and my oddball personality during practice….

  • Good-byes
    • With new friends comes saying good-bye to old ones. Two of my friends (you know who you are) decided to be butts and graduate at the semester. But I wish them all the best!
  • Netflix and Plex
    • Boy, the amount of new (and old) shows and movies I have watched this semester….  And no, I don’t just sit in my bed all day and watch movies and tv; sometimes I’ll move to the couch! I’ll give ya a little taste of what I have binge watched
      • Gravity Falls
      • Twin Peaks
      • Playful Kiss
      • The Blacklist
      • Atlanta
      • Community (but I’m on, like my 5th time watching the series)
      • Carrie
      • 2001: A Space Odyssey
      • Blow Up
      • STRANGER THINGS (again)
      • The Fall
      • Nikita (again)

As you can see this semester was something. Also, how cool was it that I got to to write two papers about things that I love, TV/film. I was able to analyze a scene from Stranger Things and write about the implications behind the editing, cinematography, etc. I also got to write about whitewashing in Hollywood films. I specifically looked at the effects of the upcoming remake of Ghost in the Shell (boo ScarJo).

*secretly geeks out about being able to write about cool stuff like that*

Transition sentence.

J-term is right around the corner (like it literally starts in two days) and sadly I’m not going on any cool study abroad trips or getting prepared to go spend the next 4.5 months in Australia (I wish). Instead, wait for it…I’m doing not one, but two internships in the good old state of Minnesota!

I will be doing a video production paid internships with Woodworker’s Journal (and no, I know nothing about woodworking). They are based in Medina and I will most likely be helping out with shooting and editing new videos, re-editing older ones, and working on their Youtube page. My wonderful boss in the Marketing and Comunication office at GAC, Steph, set it all up for me!

The other internship is with Freestyle Productions. This company is located in Golden Valley, and like 5 minutes from the cool antique shop that I like! I will most likely be working with their editor on the two projects that they are currently working on.

As you can see, I’m preparing for the “real world” with all of these internships and starting to look at jobs and whatnot….Don’t ask me where I want to find a job, specifics about my future, etc. because I don’t know. I know mom, I’m working on it!

Well, this has been fun. Tune in for the next episode of Aud’s life update blog post. Live long and prosper. Boo-yah. Oh yeah, I cut my uber long hair.



Smiling is hard so sometimes you just have to mean mug it.


P.S. If you still haven’t seen Stranger Things, I will personally sit down with you and watch the whole series with you.


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