XIV.So what did you buy as a souvenir at Disneyland? Uh…bread…

What do having a one person sit-in protest, hitting my head (hard) on a concrete shelf, and saying hi and waving at John Stamos have in common? They all happened when my fabulous roommate Britta came to visit me last weekend!

Since I don’t want to bore you with every little detail that went down, I’ll give you the highlights:

  • Friday
    • Finally reuniting after 8 months in the hotel lobby at 12:30am
  • Saturday
    • Only getting 3 hours of sleep when we were going to Disneyland the next day, because there was some serious catching up to do!
    • Getting blurry Donald Duck photos (never ask a 14 year old to take your picture for you)
    • Squealing with joy when we met Chewbacca
    • Blaming each other when Kylo Ren asked who was stowing a fugitive droid with them
    • Going on Tower of Terror…twice
      • Also accidentally telling B-Ritz that the photo happens a the very last drop…
      • Having a one person sit-in protest outside of the ride because TOWER OF TERROR WILL SOON BE TORN DOWN TO MAKE WAY FOR A GUARDIANS OF THE GALAXY RIDE
        • As you can see, I’m a bit upset…
      • Going through the sourdough bread factory twice, because who doesn’t love free samples?
      • Buying a loaf of said sourdough bread
        • Such a typical Britta/Aud move buying bread
      • Sunday
        • Reuniting with my beloved PLL set
          • I’ve got some major catching up to do
        • Getting to go on the Ellen stage and stand on her star marker for where she stands when giving her monologue
        • Seeing the sound stage for The Big Bang Theory
        • Tour guide driving by the sound stage where Friends shot seasons 2-10 (and now is called the Friends stage) then continues to say that Full House shot there before Friends and out of no where John Stamos stops right outside the door and agrees with the guide.
          • Britta and I were in bit of some shock that neither of us got a picture of him, but did wave and say hi when he asked how we all were doing (Fuller House was shooting that day)
        • Getting to ride the Batpod
        • Sitting on the Central Perk couch
        • Meeting up with our good friend Nolan who also going to GAC to see Suicide Squad and then have a nice dinner.
          • Britta and I went into the movie with our expectations low, like buried 6ft under. So practically our expectations were dead. It wasn’t as bad as some of the reviews, but it was a movie.
            • Monday
              • Once again when a friend and I go to Hollywood Blvd to check out the Walk of Fame, a movie premiere is being set up/going on.
                • When my best friend Lizzy and I were there the end of our senior year, the Monsters University movie premiere was going on. We saw some cool celebs.
                • This time when Britta and I were down there, they were setting up for the Pete’s Dragon premiere which happened later in the day
              • Taking the roomie to her very first Thai restaurant (which so happened to be rock-n-roll themed)
                • My cousin took me there a few weeks ago
              • Going into Amoeba Music and being in awe of all of the music they had.
                • Also where I hit my head hard on the bottom part of a concrete shelf
                • Britta pointed out that from the music/movie lunchboxes that were being sold, the High School Musical one was only $8 while the one next to it was being sold for $400.


Overall it was a very successful weekend, full of more material that Britta can use as blackmail against me and new mems all around.



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