XIII. This is a story about Airbnb

Last blog post I had mentioned that there was a little bug problem and now I am ready to let the world know…know that my cute little treehouse has been occupied by fleas. I now know the pain that animals go through when these tiny creatures bite. Not to gross anyone out, but I have flea bites all over my feet, legs, back of my thighs, stomach, chest, back, and arms. NOT. FUN. My little exterminator stint was a fail. I:

  • bombed the place multiple times
  • got flea/bed bug spray (and before any of you doubt me, yes I did in fact see these little buggers [pun intended]. And yes, they are fleas. Bed bugs don’t jump, these guys do)
  • put deet-free repellent on me every night
  • wore long socks, sweatpants, t-shirt, and hoodie to bed

These little guys are persistant! And with a heavy heart, I had to hang up my exterminator cap and throw in the towel.

Now comes the fun/frustrating/crazy story that happened to me last night.

“Hold onto your butts.”-Ray Arnold, Jurassic Park (1993)

My mom and I were looking for a new place for me to stay for the rest of my time here. We were looking at hotels and other Airbnbs* and she found this Airbnb that I liked. I booked the place and it was confirmed. Yesterday, I stopped by the new place to grab the key and get a tour of the place. When asked why I wasn’t still at my current Airbnb, I said that there were a few problems and then further asked what kind of problems. Being honest and sincere person that I am, I couldn’t lie to her so I told her that my place has fleas. Instantly she started asking me questions about it and questioned me that they weren’t bed bugs (See above comment in the previous section about the little guys. She also told me that fleas don’t bite…) Anyways, once I got into my cousin’s car, she called me and said that she talked to her dad, who is a doctor, and he said that fleas don’t bite humans (untrue) and that was bed bugs. And once you get even one bed bug, it’s hard to get rid of them. Long story short, she asked me if I could find a new place to stay.

Don’t worry, I got a full refund back even though her cancellation policy is strict. Although it involved being on hold with Airbnb** for quite some time to explain the situation and then they had to call her to confirm that she would give me the full refund. At the same time, my cousin was working to find a new place for me to stay. After about an hour of trying to find a place, he hit the jackpot! I am now staying in a hotel in downtown Burbank, with kitchenette included!

Last night was the first in a loooooong time where I didn’t wake up with new bug bites! *does weird, groovy, celebratory dance*

Now I anxiously await my guest that is B-Ritz! Also, today was my last day of my 4 week digital editing class. When we got our temporary diplomas, it said 4 week filmmaking workshop instead of 4 week digital editing workshop. Silly NYFA!


*Let’s keep a tally on how many times I typed the word Airbnb in this story.

** Final tally: 4


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