XII. 120 Hours (yes, I meant to type hours, no, this isn’t about the MTV show 120 Minutes)

120. That is how many hours my 4 week program is (including open lab time). That’s how many times I am stuck in the basement of Burbank Studios. But I love it! Learning Avid is pretty cool. Aside from the little textbook exercises, so far we’ve been given raw footage from a scene from the movie Gladiator and had to edit it in any way we wanted to. It was interesting to see how everyone in the class edited it, and then to compare our edits to the final edit in the film was pretty rad! Currently, we’re working on cutting a movie trailer for some film that a NYFA student made. One day in class we analyzed different movie trailers and were taught the basic structure of every movie trailer ever. Now, whenever I see a trailer on Youtube or anywhere else, I look for the key components! We’ve also learned how to cut fight scenes and car chases!

Aside from learning all of these cool editing techniques and programs, I’ve had quite the adventure in the tree house. It seems like I have a little bug infestation (in my mind’s imagination, hehe… tøp reference: check) but have no fear, Aud wears multiple caps and is currently wearing her bug-exterminator hat. I’ve been working on getting the nasty little critters out of my tree house!

The time is coming in my class where we have to take the Avid Media Composer tests in order to become Avid certified. There are two test: one about the editing essentials and the other on effects used in the software. In order to become certified, we have to get 80% or higher on both tests. On the first day of class one of our instructors told us that 90% of students fail the first time, so expect to fail. Thankfully, we get two tries and on the second try about 80-90% of students pass! I’ve been studying like crazy these past few days, trying to remember all of the keyboard shortcuts, the difference between AMA linking and importing, consolidating and transcoding, etc.

But don’t fret, I haven’t been stuck in my tree house every night… Last weekend I traveled to the Forum to see my beloved Twenty One Pilots for their sold out Emotional Roadshow show! It only took me 2 hours to get there by public transport! Woo hoo! It was amazing! And it made me stoked to see them again in January/February!


I’ve also been getting to see my cousin Andrew on the weekends, which is nice because usually I only get to see him at Christmas. Two weekends ago, I stayed overnight at his place and we saw a movie and ate Thai food. The next day we went to church and hiked up the hill at his alma mater California Lutheran University. Currently, CLU is the temporary home for the LA Rams training camp, so there was some construction going on/on the path that he used to take to get to the hill. We had a mini adventure just trying to get to the start of the hill path: We hopped/squeezed through two fences, that were surrounding the Rams training fields, as they were still doing some work on it)! Today/31.7.16 (depending on when you read this) we’re going to The Broad, which is a popular contemporary art museum in downtown LA. I also discovered this amazing ice cream shop on Ventura Blvd, so I have to take him there as well!


Who knew Ekans liked Thai food?!!?


ALSO… BRITTA IS COMING IN T MINUS FIVE DAYS!!!!!!! Guys, I haven’t seen my college roommate since I packed up all of my things to leave Gustavus forever (ok, I’m being my overly dramatic self)! I can’t wait until she comes. We’ve been texting everyday about what we’re going to do and see and how much money she owes me… haha. She’s never been to California before, so obviously we’re going to take public transportation/Uber to do all of that touristy stuff. Because I know all of you really care about what we’re going to be doing, our agenda will look a little something like….

  • Friday night- B-Ritz will hop off the plane at LAX with her dreams and her cardigan (and take an Uber to the tree house)
  • Saturday- wake up bright and early (and take another Uber) to Anaheim where we’ll be wearing Mickey ears and riding all of the Disneyland rides!
  • Sunday- Public transportation for the win!
    • The WB Studio Tour is a must (last time I went with Lizzy, we had such a great time and I will forever remember that day when the Sorting Hat placed Lizzy in Gryffindor and I in Slytherin….It’s funny because Lizzy and I are complete opposites….mini tangent over), so we’ll be boppin around the backlot ooh-ing and ahhh-ing over the PLL set, the cool museums and props we’ll get to see, and maybe see a star or too, who knows, lately the PLL cast have been on the lot shooting episodes….
    • After the lovely tour, we will move our tushies to the Walk of Fame on Hollywood Blvd
    • Once we get our daily intake of stars, people dressed in costumes, and looking at the Chinese Theater, we will be moving on back to Universal City, more specifically the Universal CityWalk where we’ll meet up with our good friend Nolan (he goes to Gustavus as well, but his hometown is near Pasadena)
      • From there we will take a stroll through the shops and restaurants until we find our way to the cinema (which has really nice reclining seats) and watch Suicide Squad.
      • After oogling over Margot Robbie and Will Smith, we’ll end the day catching up on each other’s lives and what I’ve missed while I was abroad and whatnot over dinner.
  • Monday- The roomie leaves later in the day, and as of now the day is open

I’m sure you didn’t need to know every little detail, but I’m on a roll, typing my little heart out. I also want to personally congratulate you on getting this far through this post. Perseverance at its finest! As your reward, you get the sweet, sweet satisfaction on knowing every little detail of my upcoming agenda! Give yourself a nice pat on the back! Who knows what the next post might be: one word, five words, 10 paragraphs? You’ll just have to come back and find out!


Peace out girl scouts!


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