X. Next stop….Studio City, CA?

*Due to the snail speed of the wifi at my hotel, I could not upload a featured image. One will be up when I get back to that lightning speed American wifi.*

Finals are over. My semester abroad in Australia is over. Practically all of my international friends are already back in the States. So why don’t I want to leave?

Throughout this semester I have made so many unforgettable memories with such wonderful people. Not only have I been able to experience a once in a lifetime opportunity, I think that I have started to “find” myself, who I want to become and what dreams/goals I want to achieve in the future.

Now comes the sappy, sentimental part (I know, so unlike me)

To my friends:

First off, I have to thank you for actually befriending me. Thank you all for having the patience to tolerate my goofy/annoying/sarcastic/giggly self*. All of you have made my study abroad experience so much better than it would have been. You all have supported me in everything that I did. You never discouraged or put down my ideas and dreams. Because of that, you have made me a stronger, more confident individual. I now know that I have you all to turn to in times of sadness/anxiousness/happiness, etc. It’s comforting to know that you’re just a phone call/text/Facebook message/snap away. Thank you for everything.


To my mom:

Thank you for letting me go on this journey, knowing that you wouldn’t be able to see your baby for 4.5 months. Thank you for trusting me not to do stupid stuff or get in trouble with the police (not that I ever would) while in Australia or in New Zealand. Thank you for dealing with my consistent emails ranging from serious matters to if it was alright if I could purchase a Cavs championship tshirt. I love you!


To my grandma and grandpa:

Without you, none of this would have been made possible. Thank you for starting that trust fund before I was born. Thank you for been such influential people in my life (even though I never met my grandpa). Thank you.


Ok, sappy part over!

So you’re probably wondering why I’m not back in the States already. Well…my mom and some of my friends and family from my adoption group came to visit me and make sure that I board that plane back! We’ve traveled in and around Sydney and Hamilton Island for the past 10 days! It’s definitely been an interesting experience going from being very independent for awhile, to being in a group setting, but it’s been fun!

During their visit I was able to go snorkeling in the Great Barrier Reef, cuddle a koala, and shop ’til I dropped (no literally, earlier today my friends and I got back to our hotel room from a day of shopping and I literally fell on the floor and took a nap…) I’m glad that I got to show them and especially my mom around the country I’ve called home for the past few months. It was cool to show them around Wollongong and my uni and dorm. If only my mom was on board with both of us living here….

So now what’s next? What’s this about Studio City, CA?

Once my little feet touch down on American soil, I will be living out in Studio City, CA for the rest of the summer. Unfortunately I wasn’t able to snag an internship or job out there, but I am excited to say that I will be taking a 4 week digital editing intensive workshop through the New York Film Academy! I’m really looking forward to taking this course to sharpen my editing skills and to learn some new tricks! I know, poor mom! I probably won’t be going home home to Sioux Falls until the end of August/beginning of September. But don’t fret! I won’t be alone in Cali the whole time. My mom’s staying with me until I get settled in and my college roommate at Gustavus is going to come visit me!

Goodbyes are always hard (trust me, I’ve had to do too many this semester), but clichéd as it sounds, this isn’t the end, it’s just the beginning of the journey. Where my Australia adventure ends (tomorrow morning I board my plane), my California adventure begins!




*I want to apologize for the unnecessary gifs/pusheen stickers that had been sent (but not really, who doesn’t want Pusheen or a gif of spiderman swinging around a lamppost in the rain in their lives?)


One comment

  1. Susan · July 3, 2016

    I had tears as I read your post. Wow, you seem to have grown so much over the last few months. I’m excited that you are pursuing your dreams. So proud of you! Love to you and your mom- safe travels.


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