IX. Finals….What are Those?

As of yesterday, I am officially done with my junior year of college (scary, I know). As all of my friends are cramming for their final exams, I’ve been relaxing. Most of my finals (written exam, oral exam, and research report) were all due during week 13. All I had left to do was my photography final which consisted of putting up my photos and taking them down. So what have I been doing during these past few days? Nothing. Absolutely nothing. Most of my days consist of playing Candy Crush and watching Netflix, but hey, I deserve a nice little break!

My next big adventure happens in exactly 9 days. My mom (hi mom!) and some of my friends are coming down to visit me! They’ll be able to combat the dangerous animals and “horrible” weather for themselves. I look forward to showing them around the Gong and Sydney, but also am excited to go up to Hamilton Island and see the Great Barrier Reef!

I’m still in denial that eventually I’ll have to leave the place that I’ve called home for the last 4.5 months. So if you thought that I was going to write some long monologue about my thoughts on leaving….sorry. Maybe in a later post. As of now, I stick to playing Candy Crush and watching The Blacklist.


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