VIII. I have neglected this blog…

I know, I know….it’s been years since I’ve last posted on this thing. But in my defense a lot has happened since the TØP concert. That next day, I boarded a plane and disappeared to NZ for 9 days. 9 wonderful days. 9 days where I bonded with 21 other study abroad students over the same 7 songs, extreme adventures, and goon. 9 days where I bungee jumped, white water rafted, went jet boating, hiked to see a glacier, saw Milford Sound, was stopped by airport security because of my bag of peanuts, and so much more! 9 days where we became a family.

Shortly after that trip, I had a freak out moment when I realized that TØP were coming to my hometown during their Emøtiønal Røadshøw tour! The freak out consisted of me flailing my arms around my room, a lot of pacing, heavy breathing, and messages to Maddie that consisted of: anoewnownqofngwnwe!!!!!!!!! Two days after I found out about their additional tour dates, I stayed up til 1am (10am back at home) to buy tickets. And boy was that one of thee most stressful things I have ever experienced…. Not going into too much detail (because I never want to relive that experience again), I finally got tickets 2.5 hours later. I went to bed happy as a clam, only to get up 4 hours later to get ready for my Chinese tutorial….

And you thought that I could go a post without mentioning Tyler and Josh….Ha! Good one!

Last week as I got my tattoo, I’m sure a little piece of my mom died that day. But no worries, she said that she thinks it’s perfect for me! Now I’m ready for my next one!



Last weekend I went on a “country life weekend” through my study abroad program. As the titled suggests, I did a homestay with a family out in the country. It was full of homecooked goodness, horses, chickens, wild kangaroos, puppies, farmer’s markets, and delicious apple rhubarb crumble!


As my time here starts to dwindle down  Yeah…we’re not going to talk about that just yet so…. enjoy this picture of me in my natural habitat.



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