VII. Ducktales…woo oo!

I know, I know. Before you start typing away in the comment section, I know. What does a picture of me standing in front of this beautiful advert of Zayn’s debut album Mind of Mine (which was photographed in Melbourne) have to do with Ducktales? Nothing. Absolutely nothing. Nothing exciting has really happened since my last blog post except for midterm exams, but I wouldn’t really count those as exciting or photo worthy….


I survived my midterm exams (well I think I did!). If you know me and my studying habits, around the time of finals and midterms, the Ducktales theme song frequently gets stuck in my head. So sorry for those unfortunate (or fortunate) to have to listen to me whistle, hum, and occasionally sing the silly tune!

But….thankfully I only had two that I had to prepare for: my Chinese written test and Chinese oral test. Because I know you want to try a crack at Mandarin, here’s an excerpt of my script for my oral test that I had to write and present on:

我都喜欢中国菜和美国菜,可是我最喜欢中国菜!我觉得中国菜比美国才好吃一点。美国 菜有太多的盐!我喜欢吃柠檬鸡,米饭,月饼,和饺子!我喜欢甜的菜, 所以我想尝试 玉米浓汤和油条!

Starting from Thursday (14.4) I can relax all the way through mid-session recess until lectures recommence on 5.2.

With that being said, many wonderful and exciting things will be happening! Expect a plethora of new photos to browse through and like. Who knows, you might see some pictures of New Zealand or glow worms, probably silly pictures of my friends and I… Beach? Concert? Animals? The options are endless! So stay tuned, folks!


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