VI. Surfer Dudes and Doughnuts

It’s been awhile since I’ve posted, but for good reasons! These past few weeks have been jam-packed with adventures. Pay close attention, as there will be a pop-quiz following this post.

18.3.16-203.16 (remember down here, they put day/month/year)


  • The first night Katy and I were chillin’ in the hammock (which so happened to be conveniently placed right outside of our room) when I was bitten TWICE by a bug….on my face….
  • I was able to actually stand and ride the waves
  • There was A LOT of pummeling by the waves
    • Being dragged underwater by strong waves with a surfboard attached to your ankle is not fun…
  • Don’t want to toot my own horn, but toot toot…. (I was told that I had perfect technique from both of my instructors)
  • Had some of the thee best ice cream! I had toffee chocolate crunch
  • I now want to ride the waves everyday
    • Mom, if you’re reading this, I would like a surfboard for Christmas.




Melbourne (pronounced like Mel-bin)

  • Easter break= traveling to fun, new places with friends
  • 11 hour train ride there
    • I witnessed kangaroos hopping along the horizon from my window seat!
  • We (Maddie, Tricia, Angelica, and I) found this cute little café, where we had some wonderful breakfast and amazing hot chocolate!
    • Awkwardly ate our breakfast under a bridge by the aquarium because it was raining
  • Saw Hosier Lane (graffiti galore!)
    • We literally went there everyday.
    • I seriously recommend checking out their website, but sorry for those in the States, it’s only in Oz
      • I had the Slim Shady (glazed doughnut with mini M&Ms sprinkled on top)
      • Also had the Jessica Rabbit (strawberry glaze with Cadbury eggs, and bunny ears drawn on in icing)
      • Yes, I did say we went there everyday, but only had two doughnuts. I restrained myself from having one everyday…


Slim shady

Will the real Slim Shady please stand up?


  • Visited the AMCI (Australian Center for the Moving Image), which was a really cool museum all about film, tv, and video games!
  • Finally got to eat at a Nandos down here!
  • Toured the Old Melbourne Gaol
    • Learned about the famous Ned Kelly trail
    • Was arrested!
  • Went to the aquarium, where I found Dory, so Disney/Pixar, you can call off the upcoming movie. I already found her.
  • Easter Sunday I went to a church service through the city campus branch of Melbourne’s Hillsong churches
    • which was held at the Margaret Court Arena (which is part of the Olympic Park)
  • many dumplings were consumed during this trip
  • flight home was delayed an hour + 1hour 20 minute train ride from Sydney to Wollongong= getting home at 1:45am on 3.29
  • I give Melbourne two-thumbs up!

The past two weeks have been a whirlwind of fun! I’ll post all of my Melbourne photos in a separate album (I took like 240 photos, but don’t worry I won’t put all of them on!) in the very near future so you can oooh and aaahhh at the rad memories that were made!

Peace out Girl Scout!





  1. Susan · March 31, 2016

    Didn’t you leave out a few tiny details……… you were arrested for???????


  2. Lynn Shattuck · March 31, 2016

    Just wondering if you will surf at Kuehn pool, the Wellness Center pond or Wall Lake?


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