V. Dear 55c bus…

Dear 55c bus,

I understand that people have morning classes and that they need to get to campus (me being one of them). If only you knew that I woke up a 7am to get ready for my 8:30am Chinese tutorial. It’s ok that I missed the 7:56am bus, because I could always hop on the next one. But nooooo! You had different plans. Today you decided to fill all of your transportation devices to full capacity and keep on rollin’ on your route.

I guess what I’m trying to say is, thank you for making me wait about an hour until I could actually get on a bus to uni. Also, thank you for ensuring me that I get my daily physical exercise intake by having me go to the next closest bus stop to make my probability of actually getting on a bus, greater. By making me wait that long, I was able to show up to tutorial at a fashionably late time (accompanied by a wonderful door slam as I walked in).

Let’s not do this again.




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