III. Google: How To Put On a Duvet Cover

As you can see, I survived the wild creatures of Sydney (or else I wouldn’t be here writing this post) and have migrated south to the city of Wollongong! The only creatures that I really have to worry about here are snakes, spiders, sharks, box jellies….so everything I escaped from in Sydney.

It was about an hour commute by bus to get to my final destination. Once I was given the salute from my IFSA-Butler SSC Jess (student service coordinator), I was on my own. Like that Jason Derulo song, I was riding solo. Let me tell ya, my first day was no walk in the park…

*cue harpy, flashback music*

After I got a quick tour of my dorm (Weerona College), I headed to my room where I met my roommate. She’s a very nice person and gave me some privacy to unpack and settle in, which in the long run was a good thing, because it saved me the embarrassment of looking like an idiot when I made my bed. I unpacked (ok, more like dumped all of the contents on the floor) my linen pack and saw a comforter, pillowcase, sheet, and some brown thing. As I awkwardly made my bed, I kept staring at the brown sack thing. I even texted my mom for help and she had no clue what it was. So I took a wild guess and Googled how to put on a duvet cover. I’ve never seen one of those things in my life! But no worries (I know you’re really curious on how my adventure ends), the duvet is laying on my bed like a duvet would!

My next mishap had to deal with the bus stop. I was going to meet up with the other IFSA-Butler peeps and our SSC for lunch. That required getting on the bus and going to the city center. Nervously trying to map out my route, I ended up asking someone the best way to get there. Long story short, either I wasn’t listening intently enough or they gave horribly vague directions as I walked in a random direction with no sign of a bus stop in sight. But wait, it gets better! After I walked back to my dorm in defeat, I couldn’t get my key card out of its protector. I spent a good 45 minutes trying to get it out. I even Googled the patent number and read the instructions with no luck. I had to wait until I found someone who looked important and they ended up having to call someone to let me in. Turns out the part of the protector that’s supposed to eject the card was broken….

Public transport: 1   patent pending key protector: 1    Aud: 1/2 (for that duvet situation)

But no worries mom, I have now figured out where the bus stop is thanks to my roommate who was kind enough to walk me to it. I’m adulting now! I went into the city center by myself and bought groceries and necessities like push pins for my décor and a hair dryer. I’ve met some pretty cool people; people from Norway, England, Australia, and throughout the US. Some of them were even brave enough to befriend me!

Fun fact: I’m currently trying to find a Froot Loop that I dropped on the floor, while writing that last sentence.

Anyways, my classes start next Monday (29.02.16) and in case if you were dying to know which classes I have enrolled in, my schedule looks a bit like this:

  • Intermediate Chinese with tutorial
    • Monday 13:30-15:30
    • Thursday 8:30-10:30 (tutorial day)
  • Intro to photography 1
    • Tuesday 16:30-8:30
    • Don’t worry mom, I have a friend in that class we can travel to and from campus together!
  • Cybercultures
    • Wednesday 13:30-16:30

It’s kinda nice only taking three courses, one course a day!

Update on the Froot Loop: it has come to a full on wild-goose chase. Chairs have been upturned, papers flying everywhere, mass chaos. More like, it has required me to get up from my chair, move a shoe or two, lift up my backpack, and search on my hands and knees for the little bugger! See, mass chaos!

Update on the update: at 18:59 the round, crunchy cereal bit has been found!

I swear, the next post will be full of more meaningful things, stuff you actually want to read about like how my classes are going and how many times I’ll get lost on campus, not my late night cereal escapades!

Over and out!






One comment

  1. Susan · February 25, 2016

    Such a crazy girl! Thanks for the laughs.


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