II. I Arrived in Australia and 5sos Weren’t There to Greet Me

I’m here! I made! I’m alive! After a few road bumps, I finally made it to the land down under. I won’t bore you with all of the details, so I’ll just give you the highlight reel:

  • Our departure time from LA to Sydney was delayed about 2.5 hours due to an engine malfunction. I’m not completely sure what was wrong (something to do with the temperature gauge) but we ended up taking off at 1am instead of 10:30pm!
  • I made my first “Australian memory” at the Sydney airport when I accidently hit the emergency stop button at my baggage claim. I was grabbing my first suitcase and I was struggling pretty hard to lift it off of the conveyor belt. A few seconds after my struggle, the luggage stopped moving. Everyone was standing around for about 5 minutes when a flight attendant, who was standing near me, commented about how someone might have accidently pressed the emergency button. Moral of the story: DON’T PRESS THE BIG, RED BUTTON!
  • I had to go through quarantine when I was declaring what I was bringing into the country. The officer/attendant asked me what I had brought and I said, “ some granola bars and Burt’s Bees chapstick. I was in line with two other people and we had to set all of our bags on the ground and a dog went by and sniffed all of our stuff.
    • Sydney Airport:2 Aud: 0
  • I’m currently living with 5 other girls in my hostel room. Three of them are from the East coast, one from Texas, and another from Tennessee. We’ve all bonded pretty quickly and pretty much go everywhere together. See mom, I’m making friends!
    • Only one of them is going to Wollongong with me.
  • Our first day we had time to explore and my friends and I walked to Circular Quay (pronounced Circular Key) where we were in amazement of the Harbour Bridge and Opera House.
  • The weather down here is incredible!
  • Day 2 (today) we had to wake up early (7am) because we were going to the Featherdale Wildlife Center, Blue Mountains, and an Aboriginal Center.
    • I got to be up close and personal with some very cute kangaroos, wallabies, quokkas, and koalas! I even got to pet a python (her name was Penelope)!
    • During our hike in the Blue Mountains I got to ride the steepest incline railway in the world and it was insane! It used to the tracks for the coalmines.
    • At the aboriginal center I got to paint my own returning boomerang (it will come back to me when I throw it), have my face painted with aboriginal body art, and watch a wonderful performance of dance and song performed by aboriginal people.
  • I had my first proper Maccas (McDonalds)!

Obviously there’s so much more to tell just from my first two days here!

I’ll probably switch between this format and the format of my first post throughout this journey! Cooee! (Look up this Aussie word on the Internet! I don’t want to tell you everything! Go out and learn something! Educate yourself!)

Also, I just realized that while I’m publishing this at 10:15pm my time, it’s 5:14am in SoDak.


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