XXII. 2 Jobs (said like 2 Chainz)

First, before I dive in to my news, I just have to address the featured picture. I didn’t have any photogs that would visually capture the essence of this post so I panicked and put a picture of my cat laying on my backpack as the picture…..#futurecatlady ?

Two posts ago I was recently graduated, moved back home with my mumma, and unemployed. I said that I would let you know if that status changed.


YA GIRL’S FINALLY EMPLOYED!!!!! (still recently graduated and living with mumma).

After three months of job hunting, writing cover letters, sending emails, and doing interviews, I can now say that I hold the titles of:

Communications coordinator at Spirit of Joy Lutheran Church

This job is brand-spanking-new. As in I am the first person for the job. With this job I, and a team that I will assemble, will be managing the internal and external communications of the church. This will include managing the website, overseeing all social media platforms, develop branding standards, etc. I’m excited to see what projects and events that I’ll get to be involved with! Through this job, I’ll get to use my video and photography skills to help spread God’s message and His love, which is wonderfullllllll!

Everyone here is so nice and welcoming. On the first day, there was a card and vase full of flowers on my desk (yes, I have a cute like office space that I share with another staff member).


Straight after I work the church, I head downtown and work as a…

Production Assistant at Keloland News

This is very similar to the internship I did with KSFY (are they my sworn enemy now???). I edit video clips that are used as visuals for the newscasts. But I also have to teleprompt…..which is kind of scary. I’ll eventually get used to it, but for now the machine/dial thing is my sworn enemy!

Tonight (9.21.17) was my first night by myself (the past three days I was training with another PA) and boy, right from the beginning, it was interesting. But! I made it out alive, barely, but still alive.

Aud: ¾   teleprompter: ¼

Going from nothing to full speed ahead is definitely tiring, but I WILL PREVAIL!!!!


UPDATE (10.10.17): this post was written like 15 years ago and I’ve just been lazy and haven’t posted it yet. But since I’ve written this post, it will be almost 1 month since I’ve started both jobs.

I’m doing some creative stuff at the church

*insert happy dance here*

I just finished creating a video highlighting the church’s new preschool and am currently working on some branding stuffs!

At Kelo, I think it’s safe to say that I HAVE CONQUERED THE TELEPROMPTER! I’m a whiz at it now (ok, I may be over exaggerating a bit). But get this, on my second day working by myself I had to start training a new PA! Crazy, right?


XXI. Aud_photogs

In my last post I said that I would let you know when I get a job. Well…I’m still unemployed (womp womp). But the interviews are starting to come in, so that’s good!

Plus, this post isn’t intended to be a life update.

I have started to take photography more seriously and wanted to show you all some of my favorites that I have taken within the past year or so! These are all little snippets from photog shoots or just everyday random shots that I took.


Embasan (v).

petals on the floormurkyflowr grrlhair.jpg

The second picture was actually used for my college’s student led literature magazine! So my first published work!


STL boi

M bridge 1m feetM bridge 2


AUS/NZ landscapes

nz pathbunker2IMG_3152windows b&w



black inkIMG_2044tv glitch


Random shots

IMG_1625IMG_2771pink sky-Recoveredstation_prism_3


Portrait practice

l_green walll_leaves bokehl_rockssyd_metal copysyd_basic editsyd_stairs sit copy


If you like what you see, feel free to hit me up for a session!

I’m in the beginning stages of starting my own video + photo business! How exciting! Let the dream live on!

Ak photo & film black bkgd.png


Peace out girl scouts!

XX. It was a gusty day for a Gustavus graduation

Four years later and I have finally graduated from college (5.28.17). It was a bittersweet day: getting my degree but saying goodbye to many great friends.

*note: this isn’t going to be some sappy post because the feels haven’t hit me yet.*

Followed up by a great Senior Week, graduation day was windy. I was the only grad whose cap flew off their heads and had to be chased down the ramp before shaking Becky B’s hand. I was the only grad who didn’t wear their (cool) cap across the stage. Oh well. I still got my bachelor’s degree in communication studies. Mems.

It still hasn’t hit me that I’m a college graduate. It feels like I’m just on a school break, ready to go back to the hill in a few days. Nope!

Unpacking is not fun. I’ll say it again for the people in the back: UNPACKING IS NOT FUN. During this time of taking everything out of boxes, I have discovered that I have way too many clothes and not enough space to put them all in. I have also spent many hours just staring at everything that I’ve taken out of their box and haphazardly placed across my room, hoping that they’d magically find their place to go.

So what next?

Well, I’ll finish unpacking then clean my room (mom’s request) and then I’ll start job hunting…yay….

I’ll update ya when I find a job.

XIX. San Francisco isn’t real, it’s a conspiracy theory.

Yup. You read right. Dub City isn’t real. It’s not actually a city, just a figment of our imagination.  It’s all a lie*.

My spring break just started and I decided that it would be a grand time to go out and visit one of my sisters** Hope, whom I haven’t seen in 3 years. So I hopped on a plane and spent the weekend out in the bay area.

*Hit em with the highlight reel*


  • I take a plane from SF (Sioux Falls) to Denver, then Denver to San Francisco. The catch, both flights ended up being delayed over an hour so I spent about a good 2 hours in the FSD airport doing exactly nothing…
  • I am finally reunited with my Hopey!



  • The first thing we do is of course go to the original Boudin bakery location (They’re famous for their sourdough bread. This is the bread that B-Ritz and I bought as souvenirs at Disneyland in the summer….)
    • I bought a loaf and ate it sporadically throughout the day. Gotta love those carbs!
  • We saw the wonderful Golden Gate Bridge…twice (this is where the lies begin).
    • My trusty tour guide guided us on the wrong bus out, so we ended up going back to the bridge for us to get on the right bus.
  • Fisherman’s Warf was pretty neat.
    • We went to the Ghirardelli chocolate factory
    • I had In-N-Out for the first time
    • We trekked awhile to these snazzy piano stairs that Hope was raving about

I felt pretty basic.

  • Chinatown!
    • Of course we could not not go…
    • We got in touch with our Asian-ness
    • We visited the factory where the very first fortune cookie was made
    • I bought some delicious butterfly cookies
  • Japantown
    • I should’ve kept tally on how many times I said “I can’t” (it was too many times). Literally I wanted everything there.
    • I bought these ice cream balls infused with dry ice called Dragon’s Breath. Trust me, it’s harder than it looks to look cool eating those things while trying to get the dry ice to come out of your nose and mouth….
    • We literally stared at theses cute bento boxes outside of a store because the store owner was away for a fe minutes. We were probably there for a good 10 minutes when we decided that we looked creepy and went to this amazing bookstore.
      • Which by the way I did buy a bento box. It’s in the shape of a lucky cat. The store owner and I literally had a bowing match. Once he said “arigato” we literally exchanged bows until I was out of the store. What a cute old man!
    • Yes, said bookstore. Much books, many “I can’ts.”
    • Asian grocery stores are pretty cool.
  • Shabu shabu (Japanese hot pot)
    • We went to Hope’s boyfriend’s place where I met some of their friend, who are pretty cool.
    • We had shabu shabu literally there was a moment where all 5 of us were about to fall asleep because our tummies were so full and satisfied. 12/10 would recommend.
    • Met some cute doggos (Ralph and Moose, but I took initiative and renamed them doggo no. 1 and doggo no. 2)



  • We saw the cool painted ladies houses

When you realize that the Full House house is on a different street.

  • We walked down Haight Street. This is where the hippy movement was groovin
    • Of course we had to stop into Amoeba Records
    • We went to the bathroom in a Whole Foods; that was pretty cool I guess…?
    • We stopped in a very cool arcade where there were a bajillion (I kid you not) pinball machines. I tried my hand at the Lord of the Rings one and some Gopher one. I did aight.
  • We were going to eat at this Thai restaurant off of Haight street, but it’s only open for dinner…. ( I should’ve tallied all of the lies that Hope fed me this weekend)
    • Not to fret, I did get to eat my chicken pad thai somewhere else and it was delicious.
  • Hope took me to see two separate tiled stairs. Those were cool to see, not to take up and down….

These are the titled steps, right?


Jk, these are 1/2 of the steps.

  • We had dinner at The Progress with Hope’s boyfriend, his friend Scott’s girlfriend and fam. It was fancy, I mean the bathroom walls were covered in pink glitter…
    • I tried fancy food like oyster and octopus. I was reminded just how much of a picky eater I am…
  • We ended the night with good old Mulan II (I swear I wasn’t crying at the bridge scene, you were crying…)


  • We ate brekky on Haight street
    • We both had the berrylicious crepe (It was berry licious… see what I did there!)

      Just like Britta, Hope knows right when to take the best photos of me..

      • I jumped back on some planes back home. Womp Womp.


Many mems (and lies) were made. It was wonderful to see Hope and can’t wait to see her again, maybe in my SF! ❤

Processed with VSCO with nc preset



XVIII. I didn’t meet Chance the Rapper in Chi-town

Ok, J-term was great and all but guess what, AFTER 7 MONTHS I GOT TO SEE MADDIE (my Hero™ ). It was amazing. We met up in Chicago and my friend from high school, Nichole, graciously let us crash at her place.

Hit ‘em with the highlight reel!

  • Friday (I landed in the Windy city)
    • After a bit of confusion, I navigated my way through the O’Hare airport to be greeted by Mads holding a red panda “sign”
    • It took about 15-20 minutes to find the parking lot where she parked her car
    • We sat in said car looking up possible Chinese restaurants to eat at for a good 15 minutes, then finally ended up deciding on Panda Express…womp womp
    • We literally parked on a highway because Mads forgot that her wallet and bag of coins were in her glove compartment (we were coming to a toll) and that it was locked…. So obviously she had to turn off her car to use her keys to open the glove compartment
    • We also stopped in the middle of an intersection because we were in the wrong lane and needed to turn left. Mads was deciding what to do; I finally told her to just go straight and that we could turn around
    • We arrive at said Panda Express only to walk in, then decide that we were going to eat at the Culvers next door.
  • Saturday
      • I had a butterfinger pocket. It was yum.
    • Since it was the start of the Chinese New Year/Lunar New Year, we decided to go to Chinatown, only to be disappointed of the lack of décor (apparently they are celebrating next week).
      • We had a delicious meal at Joy Yee
    • Now the real reason why Mads and I met up, TWENTY ONE PILOTS CONCERT HOO-RAH!
      • Oh boy, it was magical. We danced, we sang, we were surprised.



  • Sunday
    • I was awaken by a text from Nichole (she was at work). She forgot some cookies in her freezer and asked if we could deliver them to the church. So in our jammies, Mads and I drove to the church with 3 bags of cookies. According to CHole, we were the MVPS….
      • On the way back to her apartment, Mads was flipping through the radio station and Africa by Toto was playing. We jammed out.
    • We explored the Museum of Contemporary Art
    • Mads had never had deep-dish pizza, and obviously since we were in Chi-town, she had to try it out (and no, I didn’t have any; I had buttered noodles and chicken).
      • There was a very awkward exchange, trying to figure out what appetizer we should get, but it’s all good!
    • And of course, we had to go to Millennium Park to see the Bean

Am I doing this Leaning Tower of Pisa thing right?

    • Shakeshack shakes for the win!
    • Once we got back to niCHole’s apartment, we watched some Community and then ended up taking a billion pictures
    • We closed the fun-filled weekend with some card playing and watched The Emperor’s New Groove

Side-note: We were going to eat at The Max, a pop-up restaurant paying homage to The Max from Saved by the Bell, but it was crazy expensive to eat there (curse you service fee and 10% tax)!

It was such a fun weekend and I’m so glad that I got to see Mads and Nichole. And it was a wonderful ending to my J-term before my last semester at GAC. Hopefully I’ll be able to see each of them again, soon!



XVII. Keeping Up With The Ramers

What do woodworking, a dog named Sullivan, and Elmo all have in common? That’s practically what my January consisted of. As you know from my previous post, I was tackling two internships—Woodworker’s Journal/Rockler and Freestyle Productions—and now J-term has come to an end. Both internships were great experiences and I was able to do many different things:

  • Woodworker’s Journal/Rockler
    • Take videos off of Youtube and upload them to Vimeo, then embed the correct coding into the corresponding webpage
    • Re-edit past videos
    • Help assist in multiple video shoots
    • Edit 2 “Make and Take” videos
    • Edit a Murphy bed video
    • Start sorting through and creating a rough draft of a steam bending video
    • Paint 7 large panels and 2 walls
    • Create sandbags
  • Freestyle Productions
    • Edit a short video on this year’s MN state fair for practice
    • Create a Powerpoint for someone who was being inducted into the MN State Fair Hall of Fame (and yes, I’m not making that up, there actually is a state fair HOF)
    • Edit a short video for the 2016 ILEA conference
    • Pet Sullivan the dog

In-between all of that fun, every night I had my two hours of Hunter time. This mostly consisted of reading the same books over again, flipping wooden pancakes, and watching the joys of young parenting. Erica and John joked that I wasn’t really living with them for my two internships, but to do research on young parents. I have witnessed Hunter’s first discipline, the struggles of trying to get him to eat (followed by Erica Googling “how to get your child to eat”), Erica and John rapping the “Fresh Prince of Bel-Air” theme song while giving Hunter his dinner, etc. I also have several of Hunter’s books memorized (I’m looking at you “Bubbles, Bubbles” and “Let’s go Potty, Elmo”) and now I know the true way to pronounce my name: Ah-la.


This fedora makes me -20% cooler and the backwards firefighter helmet makes him 100% cooler.

Side-note: this month has been the most times I have ever, and will ever wear a fedora….

It was a great January, but it had an ever greater ending…..which you’ll have to read about in my next blog post!

Ah-la out.

XVI. True life: I’m a senior in college

*Can I just point out that Britta takes the most flattering and accurate pictures of me….I know, I do it to myself. She probably has a whole file of pictures of me that she can use as blackmail. Exhibit A: this wonderful cover picture.*

Last time I wrote a blog post it was for a class assignment and grade…(boo). But alas, I am here to once again inform you about my life. My first semester of senior year is complete. Done-zo. Let’s take a moment and reflect on the past three months and walk down memory lane, shall we?

Fall semester was full of :

  • Laughter
    • Trust me, I laugh at the stupidest things. Ask Britta or Noah. I literally laughed for a good 10 minutes over something that happened sophomore year until my stomach hurt. Both Noah and B-Ritz were not amused.
      • Laughing is good. Do it often.

Visual representation of the two people who make me laugh the most.


Clearly we have a love-love relationship.


Noah and I are soooooo photogenic. Can’t you tell?

  • Stress (this included many cry breaks)
    • This semester I took the hardest class of my life, ever: Media, Culture, Power. I thought was going to be the death of me, but somehow I survived.
      • I blame it on all of the cultural theories I had to know. I mean who has heard of Althusserian theory before? No one.
  • Dance
    • I was fortunate to be cast in Shared Space this fall. I was able to continue my love for dance through this student-led showing. The piece that I was in, dealt with anxiety. (My mom pointed out that the previous year I danced in a piece that was about grief and the year before that mental illness. No happy pieces…). Sadly, it was my very last time performing. But….this leads to my next bullet point!
  • New friends
    • I’ve met so many rad people that willingly befriended me. I became uber close to the people in my dance group and miss seeing their faces twice a week (although I’m sure they don’t miss my hoodrat shenanigans during practice). Through them I met more cool people who also willingly decided to befriend me! The power of networking!

I feel sorry for these people who had to put up with me and my oddball personality during practice….

  • Good-byes
    • With new friends comes saying good-bye to old ones. Two of my friends (you know who you are) decided to be butts and graduate at the semester. But I wish them all the best!
  • Netflix and Plex
    • Boy, the amount of new (and old) shows and movies I have watched this semester….  And no, I don’t just sit in my bed all day and watch movies and tv; sometimes I’ll move to the couch! I’ll give ya a little taste of what I have binge watched
      • Gravity Falls
      • Twin Peaks
      • Playful Kiss
      • The Blacklist
      • Atlanta
      • Community (but I’m on, like my 5th time watching the series)
      • Carrie
      • 2001: A Space Odyssey
      • Blow Up
      • STRANGER THINGS (again)
      • The Fall
      • Nikita (again)

As you can see this semester was something. Also, how cool was it that I got to to write two papers about things that I love, TV/film. I was able to analyze a scene from Stranger Things and write about the implications behind the editing, cinematography, etc. I also got to write about whitewashing in Hollywood films. I specifically looked at the effects of the upcoming remake of Ghost in the Shell (boo ScarJo).

*secretly geeks out about being able to write about cool stuff like that*

Transition sentence.

J-term is right around the corner (like it literally starts in two days) and sadly I’m not going on any cool study abroad trips or getting prepared to go spend the next 4.5 months in Australia (I wish). Instead, wait for it…I’m doing not one, but two internships in the good old state of Minnesota!

I will be doing a video production paid internships with Woodworker’s Journal (and no, I know nothing about woodworking). They are based in Medina and I will most likely be helping out with shooting and editing new videos, re-editing older ones, and working on their Youtube page. My wonderful boss in the Marketing and Comunication office at GAC, Steph, set it all up for me!

The other internship is with Freestyle Productions. This company is located in Golden Valley, and like 5 minutes from the cool antique shop that I like! I will most likely be working with their editor on the two projects that they are currently working on.

As you can see, I’m preparing for the “real world” with all of these internships and starting to look at jobs and whatnot….Don’t ask me where I want to find a job, specifics about my future, etc. because I don’t know. I know mom, I’m working on it!

Well, this has been fun. Tune in for the next episode of Aud’s life update blog post. Live long and prosper. Boo-yah. Oh yeah, I cut my uber long hair.



Smiling is hard so sometimes you just have to mean mug it.


P.S. If you still haven’t seen Stranger Things, I will personally sit down with you and watch the whole series with you.